Path of Renewal

Auchterarder Parish Church has been selected, as one of 20 churches across Scotland, to take part in a new Church of Scotland pilot project, The Path of Renewal

Below are a couple of videos from the Church of Scotland Panel on Review and Reform, giving more details of the project. The second video features our church’s involvement in the project!

Also, here’s a link to the Path of Renewal blog which journeys with the development of the project across Scotland.







Our current aim is to be more missional in our outlook and take the gospel out of the church into the community.  Some activities have been started as a way of beginning this adventure! 

Walking Group

A walking group plans to meet  every few weeks.  The walks are graded and offer easy and more challenging routes, and are led by experienced walkers.  The group offers an ideal opportunity  to invite friends along and to chat along the way.

Archway Cafe

This is a group for people who are perhaps on their own, or who have someone they are caring for  and  are looking for some opportunities to be with others.  It meets once a week on Monday afternoons  and offers a variety of opportunities to both meet others, get actively involved in singing, seated keep-fit  etc. or learn about benefits, money matters, health etc.   It was begun before PoR but has come under its wing, so to speak.  It is a joint effort between the church, social services and NHS. 

School Inter Generational Initiative

One of our Elders is working alongside children in the local all-through school – The Community School of Auchterarder – as part of Scottish Education’s ‘Generations Working Together’ initiative.   Volunteers are in school on a weekly basis and help learners of all ages with literacy and numeracy, as well as building an ethos of mutual respect and understanding.    This is another way of becoming a ‘kent face’ within the community, especially with our youngsters, and link between church , school and community.

Messy Church

Have a look at the link above to get an idea of what Messy Church aims to be!   We have had 4 Messy Church events so far that have attracted mostly families, although some others have come along and joined in too.  We follow the suggested outline, based on a different Bible story or theme each time, and including some singing, games , teaching and crafts.  We have built up a growing team of volunteers to help plan and run it and we finish, as is suggested, with a fellowship meal. It has been a great opportunity to get alongside families and share our Christian faith in a gentle way.  Onwards and upwards!!!

Big Brekkie 

We have run this event twice and had a great church and community response both times. As well as raising money for this  most worthy of Christian charities, it has been a great way of getting to know new people.