• Newsletter No 26 is here!
    APC Newsletter No 26 is here! Find out what’s going on @ APC!…/26-Auchterarder-Parish…
  • Discipleship Explored
     ‘Discipleship Explored’:  A Study Course based on Paul’s Letter to the Philippians Background: The next APC course offered will be Discipleship Explored, prepared by Christianity Explored Ministries.  The key features of Discipleship Explored are as follows. It is a course rather than a Bible Study. It is based around Paul’s Letter to the Philippian Church. […]
  • 02 May Live stream
    APC Live stream. This morning’s  Communion Servic were unable to be live streamed are there were tecnhical issues.   Auido is available 
  • Newsletter No 25 is here!
    APC Newsletter No 25 is out! Keep up to date with all the goings on @APC !
  • Peace Blessing
    The blessing of Him who stilled the storm. The blessing of peace and a deep new calm. The blessing of joy come to your mind. The blessing of love help you unwind. Peace in your dealings. Peace in your days. Peace in your living and give God praise.
  • Lent Studies
    Have a look at the link on the main menu at the top of the website to find out about a series of studies in the book of Luke Lent Study Notes
  • A thought…
    If we are called to reverence God, shouldn’t we also be learning that social distancing can teach us to reverence another who is made in his image? To keep my distance out of reverence and fear for another’s safety is to become an agent of love toward another and to God.
  • Beautiful song
  • BBC Bitesize home school help
    From Monday 11th Jan, we’re going on the telly! 3 hours of primary programming on CBBC from 9am including Bitesize Daily and Live Lessons.  Secondary students tune in to BBC Two for Bitesize Daily, drama adaptations and factual titles.  PLUS, Bitesize Daily will be on Red Button every week day and on BBC iPlayer on […]
  • Live streaming
    LIVE STREAMING OF SUNDAY WORSHIP If you miss the live stream at 9:30 and don’t want to wait until Monday until YouTube uploads the video, there is a work-around. On the  YouTube channel you will see the  following options: Click first on ‘videos’ then  ‘uploads’ then ‘past live streams’ and you will see it then. […]
  • P&K Covid-19 Support Information…/UKPKC/bulletins/2b2a6b7 CONTENT.GOVDELIVERY.COM Support is available during Level 4 Covid-19 restrictions Level 4 restrictions are tighter than the rules we have lived under in recent months, You can familiarise yourself with the details of Level 4 restrictions here.
  • Angels and stars
    800  angels and stars went up on Saturdy 12 December, each one with a message of Christmas hope.
  • (no title)
    We are delighted that we are back to limited, in-person Sunday worship. The arrangements are as follows:  two services take place in the Sanctuary itself and one in the Community Church Centre. The times are as follows:  9.30 am, 10.30 am and 11.30 am.  Both the 9.30 and 11.30 are more traditional services, conducted in the Sanctuary and will […]
  • Live streaming!
    Exiting news! The 9:30 service of worship at APC will be streamed live on our YouTube channel! However, panic not! A recording of the service will still be available , but will be a bit later than usual on Sunday. The audio version will continue to be placed on the website and on Facebook, and […]
  • Food list
    As well as the list of dried and long-life goods below, fresh fruit and vegetables are available and some frozen ready meals. tea tinned vegetables cereals nappies coffee tinned fruits porridge baby food longlife milk custard pet food baby milk cooking sauces tinned soup steamed puddings cloths pasta sauces puddings diluting juice toothpaste sugar savoury […]
  • Protect Scotland app
    Protect Scotland app  
  • Updated COVID-19 information
    Information update :
  • NHS Test and protect
    Here is a link to the Scottish Govt/NHS information on Test and Protect.
  • (no title)
    Sunday Worship We are now back to in-person worship!  Details of these services are on the article opposite,  but booking is essential, as numbers are capped at 50.   The 9.30 am services will continue to  be live streamed on our YouTube channel and will be posted here, on Facebook and Twitter after the live stream has finished .  […]