Kidsteam over the Summer 2019

Kidsteam Summer Programme

There will be provision for any children or young people who attend the service on a Sunday over the months of July and August. We will meet together and follow a less formal programme of teaching. Please feel free to attend when you can – the sessions will be ‘stand alone,’ so missing a week or two when on holiday will not interfere with any continuity!  We plan to have a video about a different Biblical character  each week e.g. Noah; Joseph, Esther, Deborah ….

New leaders for Kidsteam – Can we also make an appeal for some extra help in the work we do with our children? The leaders are enthusiastic but few in number, and some extra leaders would be great! If you are not sure what this would entail, please just ask any of us and we can let you see the kind of material we use and what might be expected of you. Please give this some serious consideration and prayer over the summer months and get in touch for more information.

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