Praise Orchestra

imagesSQJ1SMCTThe Praise Orchestra is open to any players of virtually any instrument and any level of experience, from beginner to advanced.   We try to arrange suitable parts for all levels of ability and welcome players of all ages, so the young players can learn from the more experienced – although it may be the other way round.  We play the first two items of praise every Sunday and also as the background to the offering being collected.  We have  been asked to play as the introit occasionally, too.  Our repertoire varies from the very traditional to the very modern, and everything in between. We have a monthly rehearsal on the first Sunday of the month –  missing out July and August from –  from 6:30 – 7.45.  This gives us the opportunity to rehearse together the items of praise for the upcoming weeks.  We are very fortunate to have Chris Haynes who arranges and writes the orchestral parts for us.  They are always well written and give us the chance to challenge our skills!

Music plays  such an important part in enhancing Sunday worship that we consider it an honour to participate.

So ….. if you play a musical instrument and would like to come and play along with us, please contact Sandra or Stephen Miller on any Sunday or by email on