Breakfast and Breakfast +

Sundays at APC begin in the Community Church Centre with our free breakfast, available from 9.30am. This is a relaxed time for mixing with folks. There are pastries, cereal and bacon rolls available, but not obligatory!

Breakfast Plus, from  10.10am, adds a moment about living as a Christian, to go with the fellowship. Anyone is welcome! Our aim is to be interactive with this short, but special, God slot.

We have a team of leaders, each taking a turn every few weeks. We keep it fresh and light so that all the family can feel part of it, whatever your generation. Some weeks you’ll find a quiz, others there will be a game for the kids and those still in touch with their childhood. Sometimes we use videos and music, others the only technology on hand is the microphone so that you can hear what’s being said.

If you haven’t given it a try, do come along one Sunday. We finish in plenty of time for people to make their way into the Church for the 10.30am service, but if you’re pushed for time and can’t stay for the service, we hope you’ll find something worthwhile in Breakfast Plus. Come along sometime!

Anyone who would like to get involved in leading a B+ slot or any other aspect of it is most welcome and should have a word with Ian Gourlay (01764 662695 /