•   A wee video and a photo of the Archway members at the THAT (Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust) Musicality Programme today. This initiative is running at Archway every Monday afternoon between 18th September and the 18th November from 1.30pm to 3pm. The programme is being run by Deborah, an experienced singer/educator who encourages the folk at Archway to explore their creativity through singing as a fun and enjoyable activity. Next week they are all going to be playing the ukulele! All to increase health and wellbeing 😀
  • Breakfast Plus continues from 1005-1020 on Sunday mornings in the Centre. We have a number of new leaders this term. Sandra Miller stepped forward today and on 1 October Sheila Ferguson-Smith and Lynn Gourlay will take the lead for the first time with “Art in the Community”. Between now and then, on 24 September we welcome back Stewart Robertson on the topic of “Family Matters”. Breakfast Plus has become an integral part of Sundays during term time and we’d love to welcome you along.
  • Breakfast Plus is underway for the new term and takes place from 1005-1020 on a Sunday morning in the Centre.
    Over the next two weeks our leaders will be Rev. Rob Barlow on 3 September and then Brett Davidge on 10 September.
    Please come along and why not bring a friend too!

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