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  • What a good time we had at our latest Messy Church@APC. We learned a new song - 'Nothing's too big, nothing's too small.' It has loads of actions and everyone really joined in. We also got wakened up with a few aerobioc excercieses from Mandy - whew - they were hard work. After that we watched a video about a lost sheep and a lost son, and how God was delighted when anyone who was lost was found again and came to love him. After that we went into the Centre and made loads of crafts on the themes - rocking sheep, pig puppets, rings, sheep cupcakes and some of us even got sheep tatoos! We came back tigether in the church and took part in retelling the lost sheep story, with lots of leaping up and down and baa - ing like sheep. We finished our afternoon with pizza, iceream and sprinkles. Thank you to everyone who took part! The father in the Lost Son story, ready to welcome him hiome with open arms I reckon adults have as much fun making things as the kids! Sheep[...]
  • PLEASE NOTE: Breakfast before the 10:30 service will stop for the summer from now until the new school term begins. There will still be the usual coffee hour after the service, so please come along to that and catch up with friends - or make some new ones!
  • We held a great 'Big Brekkie 2019' on Saturday 12 May and and raised over £725 pounds for this wonderful charity. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make this possible. Have a look at some of the photos below to get a 'flavour' of our breakfast treats!
  • Breakfast Plus continues from 1005-1020 on Sunday mornings in the Centre. We have a number of new leaders this term. Sandra Miller stepped forward today and on 1 October Sheila Ferguson-Smith and Lynn Gourlay will take the lead for the first time with “Art in the Community”. Between now and then, on 24 September we welcome back Stewart Robertson on the topic of “Family Matters”. Breakfast Plus has become an integral part of Sundays during term time and we’d love to welcome you along.