Kids and Youth


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We have a great programme for kids, who meet in age appropriate groups during the service on a Sunday morning. Come along and enjoy breakfast with us from 9.30am onwards, followed by some time in church.  After that we go into the Church Community Centre where we learn more about the Good News of the Bible through games, music, story, drama and crafty stuff!  We sometimes come back into the church sanctuary to tell the others what we have been learning.  The children also get involved in special church celebrations and festivals, e.g. having in the recent past made something like 100 Christingles to decorate the sanctuary during the Christmas period!  christingle

We have an enthusiastic team of leaders – Sandra, Cathleen, Helen, David, Terry, Brett, Lindsay, Cathleen, Roger, George, Karen, Lisa and Gwen. We also have willing helpers for a creche on those Sundays when we have much younger children with us. Please feel free to offer your services if you are keen to work with children.