About Us

As a church congregation we are a very varied group!
We span the whole age spectrum from babies & tots through to the elderly. We are a mix of Christians and non-Christians, those exploring Christian spirituality, in different places on the journey of faith, and yet all looking to be church together and know God more.
We are students, teenagers, married, unmarried, separated, employed, unemployed, retired, at school, living locally and traveling in from other villages nearby.
We enjoy a whole variety of forms and styles of worship, and our different services and programmes reflect that.


We believe God’s Word, the Bible, to be relevant and true and we have a large group of elders who bring creativity and faith as they lead the church.

Active disciples  Praising God  Caring for people

Our Mission Statement:
Our church family seeks to be led by the Holy Spirit to inspire people in and around Auchterarder, whether of faith or not, with the good news of Jesus Christ through worship, ministry, example and out-reach. We aspire to be a caring, inclusive community within a spirit of Christian love.