The kids are back!

We have had 2 x 10:30 Children and Family Services back in church – at least, in the Centre. We have had 4 families take part and here is the evidence!

Week 1:  Sunday 04 October was Harvest Thanksgiving, when we heard all about how Joseph managed the famine in Egypt and made sure there was enough to share with every one. That gave us the chance to learn about our new Blue Door Foodbank, too.

Week 2:
Sunday 11th October was Communion in Church so we learned all about the background to communion that was around Passover – how the Israelites were allowed to go from Egypt; how the angel passed over the houses where Jewish people lived, and what was eaten on a Seder Plate and how the food helps people remember that terrible time for God’s people. Because of the restrictions just now, we couldn’t actually share any of the Passover food, but perhaps we’ll manage it next time! The children – and adults! – got into a gluey mess making an Elijah cup. If you don’t know what that is, look it up!!!