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Auchterarder Parish Church is putting place a package of measures to help our community in the coming weeks. Since many of our most vulnerable people won’t have access to the internet, we need to distribute a leaflet with information and phone numbers to the whole of our town and we need to do it NOW, in advance of any further Government restrictions.

Leaflets will be available for distribution in the Church Centre tomorrow, Sunday 22nd March, from 10am onwards. Volunteers will be asked to take a bundle of leaflets for specific streets, to sign for them, and to phone or text if they are unable to carry out the delivery. We will be observing social distancing and hand-washing. Please give a little of your time tomorrow to help with this important task. Thank you so much!

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  1. by Louisa Young on March 27, 2020  9:57 am Reply

    Hello on this dull Friday morning, Lynn and Steven - but it isn't dull at all since I have been lifted up by sharing in the service you have arranged so beautifully. I didn't realise that, yes, I was isolated but not lonely because somewhere, anxious and fearful as I was,I wasn't alone at all. God IS here in my home, and, because you brought Jesus closer, made me think that of course he is also with me. I fall by the wayside so often, and take so much forgranted - my favourite reading is the Psalm 121 which
    has rescued me many times from my depths.

    Thank you, all of you who worked to put this service before me, I wish you safe in God's hands.

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